Successful ascents


8163 metres (26,781ft)

Himalaya, Nepal, 2018

 Youngest British ascent without oxygen

Imja Tse (Island Peak)

6189 metres (20,305ft)

Himalaya, Nepal, 2016

3 x Mont Blanc

4810 metres (15,780ft)

Alps, France, 2013, 2020 (x2)


2x solo ascents in 6 days,

including a speed ascent via the Gouter Route: 8h36m ascent, 14h58 ascent and descent

Himlung Himal

7126 metres (23,379ft)

Himalaya, Nepal, 2017

Youngest British ascent

Simon Ferrier-May is a high altitude mountaineer who is:

The youngest British person to climb Himlung Himal.

The youngest British person to climb Manaslu without oxygen.

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