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simon ferrier-may


Simon Ferrier-May is an British alpinist and high-altitude mountaineer. He is the youngest Briton to climb the world's eighth highest mountain, Manaslu 8163m, without the use of supplemental oxygen, and the youngest Briton to climb the 7126m Himalayan peak, Himlung Himal. 


Mount Everest

Simon successfully climbed Mount Everest in 2021, reaching the top of the world's highest mountain at 0629 on the 23rd May having only used supplemental oxygen from camp 4 and just 3 weeks after contracting Covid-19 on the mountain. 

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In the media:


Climbing expeditions

Successful expeditions include ascents on 8000 metre mountains (the world's highest), including summiting without bottled oxygen, remote 7000 metres in the Himalayas, along with many of Nepal's 6000m peaks and classic ascents in the European Alps.  

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2024 Gros Rognon & Pointe Lachenal, 3541m

2023 Mt. Olympus (winter ascent), 2918m

2022 Imja Tse (Island Peak), 6165m

2021 Mount Everest (o2), 8848m

2021 Lobuche East, 6119m

2020 2x Mont Blanc in 6 days, 4810m

2018 Manaslu (without 02), 8163m

2017 Himlung Himal, 7126m

2016 Mera Peak, 6476m

2016 Island Peak, 6165m

2016 Chulu West, 6419m

2015 Matterhorn, 4478m

2013 Mont Blanc, 4810m

Simon Ferrier-May climber Manaslu



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Incredible feats of human endurance cannot happen without financial backing. Sponsor me as an athlete and together we can achieve successes that are on the limit of human capability. 

I am currently planning to summit Nepal's legendary peak Ama Dablam, 6812m - a technical peak in the Himalaya, as go on to summit the world's second highest mountain, Pakistan's K2 without the use of supplemental oxygen - known as The Savage Mountain.


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